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Caorle, a small and charming town with a great history, has been an important destination for some years seaside and nature tourism.
Colorful streets, ancient monuments and lots of beaches are the basis for a relaxing holiday.
The nature reserves, valleys and huts are the characteristic places of the marshy areas that surround us, and which you can also discover by bicycle.
A marine park for those who love diving.
All in a climate of total safety and serenity, characteristics of small ancient centers like ours.
There is a lot to discover here but above all there is the possibility of enjoying the sea and the beach even with the family.

Caorle .... the Beach

Caorle .... the Beach Golden sandy beach that slopes gently towards the sea and a lagoon where time seems to have stopped.
Caorle offers eighteen kilometers of beach and has been awarded the Blue Flag for years, an international recognition that testifies, in addition to the quality of the water, the commitment and attention to environmental sustainability on the part of its citizens.
For people with mobility problems, the beach places are wheelchair accessible; moreover, by contacting the beach staff in the marked compartments, wheelchairs specifically designed for moving on the sand and suitable sunbeds are available. Among the many services on the beach we also mention baby sitting, entertainment, floating platforms and the White Oasis, a deluxe area equipped with large white gazebos with sun loungers and a table. Finally, there are also areas dedicated to four-legged friends.

Art and culture

Caorle, an ancient fishing village, with its houses with bright Art and culture colors typical of the Venetian tradition, which once overlooked the ancient canals, now underground.
Large and small calli, campielli and picturesque houses, for this reason Caorle is called "Little Venice".
In Piazza Vescovado is the oldest and most important building in the city: THE CATHEDRAL. According to tradition it was built in 1038, and is therefore contemporary with the city of Torcello. Inside, the Cathedral preserves interesting works of art, including the Pala d'Oro, an important work of chisel, dating back to the XIII - XIV century, placed behind the high altar, which constitutes the most precious element.
The work, according to legend, seems to have been donated to the community of Caorle by Queen Cornaro as a sign of thanks for an escape from shipwreck. Opposite the Duomo, isolated, the splendid 11th century cylindrical bell tower rises above the sea like a sort of lighthouse.
The tower reaches 48 meters in height and is distinguished by a slight slope towards the east.
The internal wooden stairs allow visitors to reach the top of the tower to admire the breathtaking panorama of the sea and the beach, the dam and the Caorle lagoon.
Adjacent to the Cathedral is the diocesan museum of the Santo Stefano Parish. The museum is open to the public, for visiting hours call the Parish: +39 0421 81028.

The Sanctuary of Madonna dell'Angelo

The Sanctuary of Madonna dell'Angelo
The Church of the Madonna dell'Angelo is located at the end of the cliff, at the beginning of the Levante beach, on a promontory in the Adriatic Sea.
A place very dear to the people of Caorlotti, who venerate the Virgin Mary there.
The origins of the religious building, probably the oldest in Caorle, date back to the 6th or 7th century.
Tradition has it that some fishermen, in the past, while they were at sea on their boats, noticed a wooden statue of the Madonna with the child on her lap floating on a marble pedestal; the men dragged her ashore with nets, but were unable to transport her to the Duomo. Finally, some children arrived who, with the strength of their innocence, pushed the simulacrum to its destination.
The next day the faithful returned to the Cathedral to venerate the sacred image but it had disappeared: it was later found inside the small church by the sea, which from that moment was called the Church of the Madonna dell'Angelo.

Opportunities for your vacation in Caorle

The Caorle Lagoon

The Caorle Lagoon Traveling by bike or on foot along via dei Casoni, in the Falconera area, is an experience not to be missed! You will discover the typical constructions of the lagoon, the huts, huts made of marsh reeds, which today are used by fishermen as a tool shed but in the past were their home during the fishing seasons.
The "cason" has two windows and an entrance door, the floor is in poor brick or clay and in the central area is the "foghèr".

Naturalistic Oasis of Vallevecchia

Vallevecchia, in the locality of Brussa, is a coastal Naturalistic Oasis of Vallevecchia reclamation area located between Caorle and Bibione. It is only 150 meters from Caorle but we are separated by the mouth of the Caorle lagoon called "canalon" and therefore to reach it you have to travel about 43 km, but it is absolutely worth it.
It is a perfect retreat for nature, peace and tranquility lovers, featuring a beautiful natural, wild and sandy beach! Walk or cycle through the fields, the dunes and the pine forest and you will find the "bird watching" roof terraces where you can observe many species of resident and migratory birds, including the purple heron and the mallard, but also a vast fauna community of the agricultural environment such as the fox, the hare and the roe deer.
The Environmental Museum (MAV) is also located here. For more information, consult the website


In the past the center of Caorle was formed not by roads but by waterways, which at the beginning of 1800 were buried to make circulation smoother but keep the original names like in the case of Rio Terrà, which means “buried canal”.
Along this road, near the Cultural Center Bafile, don't be surprised by the visible white lines on the pavement, as they indicate the boundaries of the buried canal that once ran through the Old Town.

THE COLORFUL HOUSES OF THE HISTORIC CENTE In ancient times, the center of Caorle was formed by three small islands joined by four bridges: there were no roads but navigable canals (rii, just like in Venice) overlooked by the fishermen's houses in bright colours, typical of the Venetian tradition: it is said that they painted them with ben colours visible to be able to distinguish them from the sea even with fog.

It is one of the most beautiful walks in the Upper Adriatic: it starts from the historic center and proceeds towards the sea by climbing the stairs that lead to the dam characterized by breakwater rocks that form an open-air art gallery, thanks to "ScoglieraViva" , international competition of sculpture organized by the Municipality which takes place every two years in June and in which internationally renowned artists participate. LIVE CLIFF
It is located in the "Bafile" Cultural Center in Piazza Matteotti, 3.
It has 40,000 documents, multimedia stations and Internet, free wireless connection. It is a service aimed at everyone: Italians and foreigners, residents and tourists, adults, teenagers and children.
You can also find books in English and German.
Access to the library and its services is free and open. Info: +39 0421 219255.
In Riva delle Caorline, you can find very fresh fish, coming from the sea or from inland waters which, when the fishermen return, are placed in crates immediately unloaded on the quay and taken to the market hall for immediate auctioning.
Following a typical ritual of the Caorlotta tradition, the buyers whisper their offer in the ear of the auctioneer; having received various offers from the buyers, the auctioneer awards the auction and invites whoever made the most advantageous offer to repeat it orally for everyone. THE FISH MARKET
The Saturday morning market takes place all year round at the square adjacent to the bus station, in Via Aldo Moro - from about 8 to 13.
You will find counters of all types and not just fresh products or gastronomy! It is an appointment not to be to miss, what an opportunity to socialize, to do some good shopping or a walk.


BIKE SHARING MOBIKE CAORLE The Mobike bike sharing service is active in Caorle, which allows citizens and visitors to move around zero emissions with a smart and innovative vehicle.
All you need is a free app and from your smartphone you can find the nearest bicycle, unlock it using a QR code and set off.
The fare for a single ride is 1 euro for 20 minutes Mobike Passes are available at a further discounted cost:
● 30 days for 9,90 euro
● 90 days for 24,99 euro
● 360 days for 79,99 euro
With the pass you can make as many rentals as you want during the day and you can use it throughout Italy. Just close and reopen the bike at the end of the 2 hours of use.

Live Caorle

AVIOSUPERFICIE DI CAORLE In Strada Tezzon, 2, a few kilometers from the centre, the structure with an 800-metre long grass runway and helicopter pad houses categories of aircraft parked outdoors or in modern hangars. There is the possibility of following flight courses and experiencing the thrill of exploring the area from the sky: have you ever imagined admiring Venice from above, or at dawn? Info +39 338 6999252

ESCURSIONE IN LAGUNA Discovering the Caorle Lagoon aboard a motorboat is an experience that will remain in your heart. The excursion includes a stop at the Villaggio dei Pescatori with its huts, the typical buildings in wood and marsh reed.
From May to September, embarkation from the Caorle Fishing Port (groups by reservation +39 340 7700052)
Every Wednesday a guided tour from Caorle to Venice is organized. The coach also stops near you, to take you to Punta Sabbioni and then continue by private boat to your destination.
For information and reservations, contact the Tourist Information Office in the historic centre.
Discovering the magical city of Venice aboard a motorboat is an experience that will remain in your heart. Excursions to Venice or on request for groups: Motorboat “Caorle” +39 3389160151; +39 3474820912; for further information and to purchase tickets, you can contact the Caorle IAT Information Office +39 0421 81085


TASTE CAORLE Moscardino, clams and white canestrello are certainly the three most popular fish products of the Caorle cuisine as well as fundamental ingredients of renowned typical dishes and extremely successful recipes. But there are many others equally excellent and which have practically always contributed to the luster of the gastronomic tradition of our land. For example the famous "sardèe in saòr", fried sardines put to macerate in oil, fried onion, salt and vinegar, dish traditional par excellence and a legacy of the poorest cuisine of ancient generations (the "brine" as a way to preserve fish even during periods of famine). Or the fish soup, the so-called "broéto caorlotto", once the main meal of fishermen also cooked on boats and which today is among the most requested dishes in bars and restaurants that prepare typical cuisine. Eel is also among the main dishes of our tradition, especially in the "bisàto al spèo" version (skewered eel) , an old recipe that is linked to the fishermen's custom of cutting up eels and skewering them with long wooden skewers. These dishes are almost always accompanied by polenta, often roasted on the grill, which are added to other more recent but by now become classics too, such as spaghetti with clams, with mussels or lobster, rice with seafood, with squid ink, with eel or prawns.


DISCOVER THE RESTAURANTS IN CAORLE The excellence of our cuisine has made Caorle famous internationally for the uniqueness of its flavors and the goodness of typical sea and land products.
The baby dormouse, the white canestrello and the clams - all caught in our sea - are among the main dishes on the menus of the restaurants in Caorle and the surrounding area and are presented according to traditional recipes or revisited with innovative touches by our chefs.

Zona Ponente Phone Web
Ae Do Rode 340 2334584 Sito
Al Faro 0421 211271 Sito
Al Postiglione 0421 81520 Sito
Maison B 348 8456489 Sito
Pic Nic 0421 211575 Sito
Old Town Phone Web
Ai Bragozzi 0421 212455 Sito
Al Fogher 0421 81868
Trattoria Al Mare 0421 81202 Sito
All'Anguilla 0421 84222 Sito
Alla Piazzetta 0421 633861 Sito
Alla Posta 0421 82251 Sito
Allo Squero 0421 82140 Sito
Amici Miei 3383700975 Sito
Antico Petronia 0421 212133 Sito
Enos Enoteca 0421 212199 Sito
Al Faro 0421 211271 Sito
Ester Bistrot 0421 210961 Sito
Il Centrale 0421 632392 Sito
Nappa 0421 8185439 Sito
Nuova Hong Kong 0421 81147 Sito
Thai Bar & Restaurant 0421 178 3837 Sito
Levante and other areas Phone Web
Da Bepi 0421 81123 Sito
Duilio 0421 81087 Sito
Dal Mercantin 331 7265344 Sito
Eden 0421 88194 Sito


CRAFT BREWERY B20 Water, barley, hops and yeast blended according to an ancient original recipe: this is how the beer of Artisan Brewery B20 was born, which, given the success of its products, has also opened a new branch in Caorle, in the Brussa Naturalistic Oasis (Strada provinciale Portogruaro Brussa 218). Tastings of red, amber, dark and light which also include tastings of typical products such as local salami and a visit to cereal crops configuring as a real experiential journey!
On facebook:


Portogruaro History and art, from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, await you in Portogruaro, 25 km from Caorle.
Built as a river port on the Lemene river in the 12th century, the city passed under the dominion of the Serenissima in 1420.
The Gothic and Renaissance-style palaces of Via Martiri della Libertà, the ancient Via della Mercanzia, are worth admiring.
The walk along the river near the ancient mills is very suggestive.

CONCORDIA SAGITTARIA 20 km from Caorle you can visit Concordia Sagittaria, which was a Roman colony founded in 42 BC. Do not miss the early Christian complex of the fourth century and the medieval baptistery with well-preserved frescoes.
By purchasing the entrance ticket to the archaeological area, it is also possible to take advantage of the entrance to the Concordiese Museum of Portogruaro with a validity of one month.

LISON - PRAMAGGIORE WINE ROUTE The Lison-Pramaggiore Wine Route with wines DOC locally produced such as Lison, Pinot Grigio, Cabernet Sauvignon exerts a great power of attraction on travelers just like the discovery of historical artistic centers such as Concordia Sagittaria or Portogruaro: in the surroundings of Caorle there are many destinations that are worth a visit: Summaga, with the medieval church of the ancient Benedictine abbey..

LA FAGIANA Behind Caorle, there is the only reality in the Province of Venice where the transformation and cultivation of rice has been preserved. The cultivation of rice and respect for the natural ecosystem make the La Fagiana Company a place where you can immerse yourself in relaxation and discover the local fauna. The estate offers natural landscapes and the possibility of buying your own products directly on the farm.


The bike tour takes place along a 5 km dirt track inside the La Fagiana estate.
The cultivation and processing of rice will be explained in order to fully understand its characteristics and qualities.
Products selected from those sold in the company shop and those produced by the excellence of the area are tasted in the greenery of one of the parks in the company centre.
The show cooking is carried out with the collaboration of the cooks of the Coda di Gatto farmhouse. Book your visit: specify the date on which you want to take part in the bike tour, the number of participants and if you have your own bicycle (company bicycles available by reservation only, subject to availability).
Bike tour and tasting € 20
Tour in Italian and English every Friday at 6.30pm
Guided tour and tasting of agricultural products accompanied by wines and craft beers.
CHILD TICKET (3-12 YEARS): €6.00
Insta: riso.lafagiana
Facebook: Azienda Agricola La Fagiana


I CAVALLINI DELLA ROSA I Cavallini della rosa is a riding club where you can spend your free time in the company of a generous animal like a horse, giving it all the necessary care, until you get to know it thoroughly and establish a relationship of intense trust with it. Walks are taken in the countryside or on the beach, in contact with nature, forgetting the stressful pace of everyday life and returning at sunset under the first light of the moon and stars
I Cavallini della Rosa - Via Trieste,5 San Gaetano
Facebook: I Cavallini della Rosa


A few steps from the wonderful lagoon of Caorle is Tenuta la Spiga: a corner of paradise reclaimed from the water with reclamation, today fertile ground for walnuts, glera, corn, wheat...
The farm fits in perfect harmony with the surrounding area where the philosophy, that yes has maintained for years, is based on respect, the protection of nature and the preservation of native flora and fauna.
The main production of the company is walnuts: today there are 140 hectares of walnuts of the Lara and Chandler varieties that you can taste in the company store together with the other Cuor di Noce brand products.
Fragrant biscuits, irresistible tarts…try to believe!
The shop is open from Monday to Friday from 9 to 12 and from 14 to 18, who knows, maybe coming to visit us you will meet colorful pheasants, majestic falcons or some squirrel while pawing from one tree to another…
Tenuta la Spiga - Via Sette Casoni, 4 - Eraclea
Facebook: Cuor di Noce
Insta: Cuor_di_noce

Opportunities for your vacation in Caorle

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